After-Sales Services

After-sales service for online CMS

PRUFTECHNIK customer support

You have purchased a condition monitoring system and would like to have competent support in the start-up and follow-up phase?

Then the following after-sales service packages are the right choice for you:

  • Start-up service
  • Consultation, diagnosis and follow-up service
  • Maintenance of online systems.
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Highway to success with our after-sales services.

All three packages provide knowledge and experience – tailored to your applications – and include:

  • Making the best use of your measuring device and PC analysis software
  • Utilizing all the capabilities of your measuring device & PC software
  • How to determine measurement locations
  • Selecting the right measurement method
  • Using optimized measurement settings
  • Using optimal warning and alarm thresholds
  • Reliable interpretation of measurement results
  • Preparing failure reports and recommendations for repairs.

Duration: 1 - 3 days on-site.



  • Installation and configuration of the PRUFTECHNIK PC software
  • System inspection, selection of machine trains and incident analysis
  • Determination of measurement locations
  • Definition of warning and alarm thresholds


Installation training

  • Installation of a VIBCODE measurement location, if the VIBCODE package is used
  • Creation of a sample database with input of the machine parameters
  • Determination of the measuring method and setups; taking into consideration process- and operation-related variables


Training on your machines

  • Diagnostic exercises based on the measured values
  • Fine adjustments of device and PC software

Duration: 1 - 5 days on-site.


Optimization of hardware & software

  • Configuration check of the PRUFTECHNIK PC software, optimization of your measurement routes
  • Check and adjustment of the warning and alarm thresholds
  • Optimization of the measurement setup
  • Repeat measurements
  • Fine adjustments of device and PC software


Evaluation training

  • Assessment and interpretation of archived measurement data
  • Updates and presentation of new hardware & software features
  • Diagnostic exercises with measurement values
  • You ask and our specialists answer


Special on-site seminars

  • Level 1-2-3 vibration seminars
  • Roller bearing, gear and balancing seminars



Duration: 1 - 5 days on-site.


Hardware check

  • Inspection of the online system, firmware updates
  • Field inspection with function test
  • Interface check
  • Calibration

Software check

  • PC software, FTP server, data server
  • Program adjustements, updates

Communication check

  • Data transfer between online system and PC
  • e-mail communication
  • Modbus communication

System optimization

  • Warning & alarm threshold check
  • Shock pulse adjustment
  • Measurement setup check
  • Assessment and interpretation of archived measurement data