Repair and Calibration

Ensure maximum reliability and precision of your measurement jobs

PRUFTECHNIK repair and calibration service

Get the best out of your alignment or vibration system

  • Calibration in our high-tech test and calibration lab
  • Repair service
  • Worldwide service and calibration centers.


Our calibration service includes:

  • High-tech test in a calibration lab
  • Cleaning and inspection of the system, including parts to make sure all are in proper working condition.
  • Check system operation, including any preventative repair if needed to make sure the system works as a whole.
  • Update system firmware to current version (if applicable).

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Calibration of alignment and vibration instruments

Alignment instruments require proper maintenance, care and calibration at specific intervals to achieve the highest possible measurement reliability and accuracy. Please refer to the individual operating manuals for the recommended recalibration interval. In most cases calibration accuracy checks are conducted every two years.

Poorly maintained alignment systems may lead to inaccurate measurements and incorrect results. All calibrations are performed in our high-tech test and measurement lab by our Service Team.

The standards and standard measurement equipment used for calibration are recalibrated at specific intervals according to the standards of the German PTB (Physikalisch- Technischen Bundesanstalt) and other national standards.

PRUFTECHNIK Service Center helps you achieve an optimal, long-lasting alignment of your machines.

PRUFTECHNIK repair service

Major features in PRUFTECHNIK products are high quality with virtually no need for repairs. Should any form of repair yet be necessary, count on us to be a reliable and fair partner.

We guarantee an efficient process with all the advantages offered by our PRUFTECHNIK Service Center.

Apart from repairing your instrument, we will ensure that it is fit for future alignment jobs, preventing possible defects and failures. In addition, all necessary improvements and updates will be carried out.

Should a service of your instrument ever become necessary, we offer you a quick turnaround time, and if necessary a loaner system or component will be available to you.