Analysis of machine movements

Recording machine behavior during operation

Monitoring machine movements

Monitoring and evaluating foundation settlements, displacements and dynamic movements of shafts, housings and structures during operation.

  • Measurement of absolute and relative movements
  • Mobile on-site short-term measurements
  • Measurements over an extended period with a stationary PRUFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring system (temporary telediagnosis - TTS)
  • Certified specialists (ISO 18436-2)
  • This service is available worldwide.

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Continuous monitoring of machine positional changes

Absolute displacements:

  • Laser-based monitoring of thermal growth during start-up and coast-down of a machine and during operation. Compensation values are determined to achieve the optimized alignment of the machine in operation.
  • Hydrostatic monitoring of foundation movements.
  • Measurement of the shaft orbit in the sleeve bearing during start-up of a machine. This allows detection of faulty conditions specific to sleeve bearings, such as oil whirl or oil whip.

Relative movements:

  • Shaft vibration measurement in one plane (radial or axial axis)
  • Recording of the dynamic shaft orbit with a shaft vibration measurement in two planes (radial axis, sensor offset 90°).
  • Recording of the dynamic shaft orbit based on the running speed (Corbit).
  • Measurement of the dynamic bending line.
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS).
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA).
  • Laser-based monitoring of relative displacements of the machine components during operation, e.g. in the case of machine tools.


The results of such analyses provide additional information about the behavior of machines and systems during operation. Fault conditions can be identified and corrective measures such as alignment targets can be derived in order to increase the safety and reliability of the machines, in addition to their service life.

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) enables the visualization of structural vibrations and flows of machine movements. This video shows an ODS applied to the movements of a wind turbine in relation to the Earth's core.

This visualization is based on measurement results from VIBGUARD and on hybrid triaxial accelerometers, which are mounted on the rotor.