Load measurement

Machine load vizualization

Machine load visualization

Mobile short-term measurements and measurements over an extended period with a stationary PRUFTECHNIK condition monitoring system (temporary telediagnosis - TTS):

  • High-frequency torque measurement with strain gauges
  • Automatic overload monitoring with pre and post history
  • Determination of load collectives, e.g. based on rainflow method
  • Determination of bending moments
  • Stress-strain measurements
  • Certified specialists (ISO 18436-2)
  • This service is available worldwide.

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Torque measurement service

Dangerous torsional vibrations, impermissible load peaks during startup or excessive strain on the shaft after a power increase in the prime mover can be detected by means of mechanical load measurements.

Torque measurements are extremely important in condition monitoring and are often the only measurement parameter for clarifying the cause of shaft fractures.

Our specialists identify this machine load and make recommendations on how you can prolong the life of drive components.