Vibration monitoring and analysis

Mobile on-site vibration analysis and temporary telediagnosis

Mobile on-site vibration analysis

PRUFTECHNIK provides fast, on-site services in case of difficulties – anytime and anywhere!


Mobile on-site vibration analysis:

  • Measurements for vibration diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting measurements
  • Structure-borne sound, vibration severity, shaft vibration (orbit), natural vibration
  • Time waveform, frequency and order analysis
  • Analysis of vibrations in buildings and pipelines.

Temporary telediagnosis:

  • Startup inspection of new or modified machines
  • Condition analysis over a period of several weeks
  • Special troubleshooting measurements
  • Identification, characterization and assessment of temporary disturbing vibrations
  • Rental of pre-configured online CMS with analysis service
  • This service is available worldwide.

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Temporary Telediagnosis (TTS)

Vibration measurements are instrumental in the condition-based maintenance of machines and systems. Conditions can be documented and compared with the state of the art and, in the event of changes in the vibration behavior, the causes can be determined early on.

Root cause analysis and fault analysis in the case of unusual vibration behavior is our specialty. We offer vibration-based machine monitoring and condition diagnosis as part of our on-site and remote services.