Certified Monitoring Center

Certified diagnostic quality

PRUFTECHNIK Certified Monitoring Center

Our Certified Monitoring Center guarantees compliance with the highest standards in the monitoring and diagnosis of machine conditions.

  • System configuration and startup
  • Data acquisition and data archiving
  • Analysis and telediagnosis
  • Preparation of reports on the system condition
  • Alarm handling
  • Development of efficient FMEA-based monitoring concepts.

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GL Certification - PRUFTECHNIK Monitoring Center
GL Certification

The PRUFTECHNIK Monitoring Center monitors over 1,000 wind turbines for customers around the world. Highly qualified and experienced diagnostic specialists examine the measurement data received by e-mail for significant changes in condition (telemonitoring, level 1), identify their causes (telediagnosis, level 2), assess the machine condition (level 3) and make suggestions for improving the system reliability.

FMEA-based system analysis enables conclusions that are highly relevant for OEMs, operators, experts and insurers.

  • FMEA = failure mode and effects analysis.
  • FMEA is a method for analyzing potential weak points and finding ways to eliminate them.
  • FMEA is a worldwide accepted and time-proven method for fault analysis and quality optimization with the goal of minimizing costs resulting from faults.