Condition Monitoring Partner Concept - CPC

You measure, we analyze!

CPC service package support for CM programme

Do you want to introduce condition monitoring as a tool for condition-based maintenance? Are you looking for a competent partner to support you in the startup phase? Then our 3-level CPC service package is just the solution for you!

The CPC service package gives you state-of-the-art vibration measurement technology and diagnostic expertise from a single source.

  • Startup service with training and initial analysis
  • Analysis service based on your measurements
  • Level-3 service after diagnosis (optional).


CPC is suitable for both mobile and stationary measurement scenarios.

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Startup service with training and initial analysis

We train you so that you can independently measure other machines and systems of identical design. The condition monitoring system is provided on a leasing basis and then returned after completion of the measurements.

Analysis service based on your measurements

In the case of mobile data acquisition, four measurements per measurement location per year are generally sufficient. You can determine the most favorable time for the measurement yourself and record representative data from the machines.

Level-3 service after diagnosis (optional)

In case of deviations and changes in the operating behavior, we offer inspection, balancing, alignment and expert appraisal service.