Condition Monitoring and
Alignment Systems Training

The success of organization today depends a lot on productivity, efficiency, knowledge and information, for sound decision making with such necessity, equipping our self with up to date knowledge and technology is almost a requirement for every industries as an advantage against others in maximising reliability and optimizing assets.

PRUFTECHNIK Group as a manufacturer of condition monitoring and laser alignment systems offers you a wide spectrum of specific technical trainings having seating of up to 20 pax warmly welcomes you to join us in learning together.


PRUFTECHNIK S.E.A is the authorised partner of the MOBIUS training institute.

Read more on Vibration analysis, shaft alignment, and balancing training with MOBIUS here.




Mr. Sven Fleischer has extensive experience in the condition monitoring field. He has been with PRUFTECHNIK for more than 21 years and while he has accumulated extensive experience in condition monitoring and as a specialist as machinery analyst pertaining to field balancing and commissioning of online system. His previous vocation in PRUFTECHNIK Germany was as an instructor and trainer for condition monitoring. Mr. Sven Fleischer is currently the Sales & Service Manager of PRUFTECHNIK S.E.A. Pte Ltd.