Condition monitoring

Vibration-based machine condition monitoring

Pulse, temperature and blood pressure are important indicators of a person's health condition. It is similar with machines. Because every machine vibrates to some extent during operation and this form of motion is easy to measure, vibrations are the basis for assessing machine conditions.

Condition monitoring essentially comprises the measurement and recording of typical overall vibration values and operating parameters. It provides information and allows the diagnosis of the general machine condition or very specific ‘disorders’ of the machine. Depending on their level of priority in the production process, machines can be continuously monitored or checked at regular intervals. This is achieved by means of online condition monitoring systems or portable data collectors with route functions and sufficient storage capacity.

Vibration-based machine monitoring – condition monitoring

Less machine downtime - more profit!

The earlier you can detect the deterioration of a machine's condition, the quicker and better you can plan and take the required corrective measures:

  • Procure spare parts timely
  • Plan resources and create service orders
  • Carry out repairs during the installation's planned shutdown.

Not only does this save repair and maintenance costs, but it also increases the profitability of your installation, because the service life of your machines is optimally managed and utilized.

Methods and parameters of vibration-based condition monitoring

  • Continuous and cyclic acquisition of overall values (online monitoring)
  • Time-based, periodic acquisition of overall values (offline monitoring)
  • Broadband condition parameters, such as RMS value of vibration velocity
  • Narrowband diagnostic parameters, such as 0-peak in the frequency band of the first harmonic (unbalance)
  • Trending of the overall values for prediction of residual service life and optimization of subsequent maintenance
  • Application of standardized evaluation standards for vibration of rotating machines (ISO 10816-3, VDI 1940).

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