Perpendicularity and parallelism

Longer machine lifetime

Parallelism and perpendicularity applications are very common industrial applications to improve machine geometry and production quality.

Both measurements can be performed at the commissioning of the machine or after a few years, to check if the machine is still running within specifications.

With our systems, both perpendicularity and parallelism can be measured very accurately and easily.



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Perpendicularity and parallelism - Longer machine lifetime with measurement systems by PRUFTECHNIK

Parallelism applications include:

  • Crane rails
  • Flanges of wind tower segments
  • Faces of a press
  • Any two surfaces like foundations of a motor-pump set
  • Rolls of a paper machine (PARALIGN service)




Perpendicularity applications include:

  • Wind tower segment flanges
  • Spindles and base plates
  • Ship rudder carrier plans and propellers
  • Gearbox shaft casings
  • Paper machine rolls to the reference line

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