Bars & Rods

Producers of bar face a strong demand for high quality

Producers of bar face a strong demand for high quality. For them, PRUFTECHNIK offers a wide
range of nondestructive testing equipment starting from plain eddy current testing with
encircling coils, on to testing inline at high production speeds with rotating systems of
different sizes, and to ultra-sensitive flux leakage testing which is a reliable method to find
miniscule surface defects.

For normal quality needs, producers of black an bright bar can use an eddy current testing
system to find defects and guarantee a semi-finished product of good quality. For black and
bright bar producers facing 100% top quality demands, PRUFTECHNIK offers a new flux
leackage testing system that can find miniscule cracks reliably and reduce scrap and material
expenses effectively: NOVAFLUX

PRUFTECHNIK helps them to guarantee product excellence with testing equipment for:

  • crack detection
  • flaw detection
  • weld seam inspection
  • process control