Converting is the process of coating a base material by means of roller-guiding systems

Converting is the process of coating a base material by means of roller-guiding systems. The
base material used is cardboard, paper or film, from which many everyday products, such as
beverage cartons, are made. It is easy to understand that the highest possible product quality is
an important factor for market success.

A key factor for top product quality is the parallelism of rollers in the production line, namely in
every single production step – from lamination to printing in a flexopress or gravure machine.

The high precision required in the alignment and positioning of the components can only be
achieved with laser optical systems. In addition to roller alignment, PRUFTECHNIK's products
are also used for the alignment of shafts and the geometric measurement
of single components:

  • The rollers of the production line are often driven by cardan shafts. To avoid premature wear
    of a cardan shaft, parallel alignment of the motor and roller shafts is necessary.
  • The production facilities of the converting industry are subject to stringent environmental
    standards, e.g. with respect to solvent recovery. If a motor or pump fails here, the entire
    production process may be affected. The root cause of failures is usually bearing and seal
    damage. This is caused by excessive vibrations resulting from incorrectly aligned shafts.
  • Float driers are used many installations of the
    converting industry. Critical is the flatness of the single dryer elements.

A time-proven maintenance measure for avoiding unplanned downtimes is vibration-based
monitoring with stationary online condition monitoring systems.