Hydro Power

Solutions and Service for hydro power and hydro turbo machinery by PRUFTECHNIK.

Reliable power supply is highly dependent on the efficiency and availability
of turbomachinery.

In hydropower plants, hydro turbines are at the core of the operations.
It is therefore essential to keep their power output high at all times,
and to shorten the necessary overhaul and revision times.

In order to achieve optimum efficiency and service life, the precise alignment
of a turbine's internal components is crucial, such as the bearings and the
impeller shaft. Plumbness of the assembly is also a critical factor to avoid
increased operating loads.

A number of innovative monitoring techniques can also be implemented to
make sure your turbines are checked at regular intervals or continuously to
prevent or diagnose component wear, which may cause damage and even
unplanned standstill.

For many years, operators of hydropower plants around the world have trusted
PRUFTECHNIK for its expertise and technology to help increase turbine
efficiency and availability.