Introduction to PRÜFTECHNIK

We are proud of future-innovative shaft alignment systems, smart monitoring systems, outstanding alignment products – and especially of: our employees! The modern product pallet of PRUFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG is based on the concentrated innovativeness and high commitment of our employees. We stand for innovation and internationality while remaining a family business.

At our Ismaning location we continuously offer technical and business positions for

  • Dedicated employees with professional experience
  • Young professionals and trainees
  • Students for a dual course of studies
  • Work-study students
  • Interns, students in bachelor and master programs


What you can expect:

  • Interesting and varied employment in an international family owned company
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flat hierarchies in a highly qualified work environment
  • Individual responsibility in the implementation of projects
  • Job rotation
  • Exciting international perspectives


Whether you have just finished your education, are at the start of your career or already have career experience:
Convince us with your good ideas and your commitment.
And let yourself be inspired by us to do interesting and varied work in an international company!


Industrial Business Management Assistant
Industrial Business Management Assistant

Every year PRUFTECHNIK offers youths apprenticeships for different occupations.

Are you still in school or about to leave school?

Then join us in taking the next step toward your future career. School students and future school leavers have the opportunity to complete a trial internship and an apprenticeship at our company.

You can start the following apprenticeships

  • Industrial electrician specializing in equipment and systems
  • Industrial Business Management Assistant




Working student
Working student

We are constantly on the lookout for junior talent and strive for long-term cooperation.
And maybe we will also be your first employer.

If you are looking for a way to put theory into practice during your studies, then a work-study position is just the thing for you.
From practical training through writing the thesis, we support university students and cooperate actively with the career academies in Germany. In the work-study program you can earn extra money working for us and gather career experience at the same time.

At PRUFTECHNIK you will become familiar with interesting and diverse activities and will work independently on projects, also at the international level. At the same time you will establish initial contacts with employees, which can be useful after completion of your studies.

You can join us

  • as an intern
  • as a working student
  • as a student at a university or university of applied sciences
  • to write your thesis

All company divisions and departments are available to you.

Trainee program

After the apprenticeship:

The chance of being hired by PRUFTECHNIK after completion of an apprenticeship is very high.
If both parties are satisfied with the performance, our apprentices get a secure job in our family owned company.
After completion of your apprenticeship we will also be glad to help you with your career development; dual studies, for example or another specialized qualification.

After completion of your studies:

As a highly innovative company, almost half of our employees are university graduates. The percentage of employees in Research & Development, around 50%, is also very high.

After completion of their studies, PRUFTECHNIK offers young professionals the opportunity of a trainee program lasting up to 2 years in the business and/or technical field. The programs are tailored to each individual trainee and their different work areas.
The trainee program gives university graduates the unique opportunity of learning more about their own strengths and establishing a career focus.
And some of our former trainees are meanwhile executives at PRUFTECHNIK!

A trainee program can be topped off with a short assignment to one of our foreign subsidiaries.


Computer Production
Computer Production

Are you innovative, curious and motivated?

The constant growth of the company means perfect career opportunities for all employees – in Germany or also at one of our subsidiaries abroad. And that is why we are constantly on the lookout for new, motivated and experienced colleagues, who will actively help us to achieve our goals.

Feel free to send us an unsolicited application. 



Interviews of employees

'What our employees have to say'

Read here some interesting interviews of PRUFTECHNIK members.

We are proud of what we have achieved since our creation over 40 years ago - especially of our employees!