Career examples

Which chances and possibilities are offered by PRUFTECHNIK know our employees best.

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Lucas Falkenberg
Industrial Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering)

Lucas Falkenberg - Trainee

'By gathering experience you will know: The way is the goal'   

I studied Industrial Engineering with emphasis on “Technical Sales and Purchasing”. My first contact to PRUFTECHNIK was as a work-study student in the Marketing Department, which is also where I wrote my thesis. After graduating I joined the company as a trainee.

Lisa Marie Glasner
Industrial Business Management Assistant

Lisa Marie Glasner -
Industrial Clerk Apprentice

'When a person has goals, no distance is too far'

First I did my school internship in the 9th grade at PRUFTECHNIK. After completing secondary school I applied for an apprenticeship at PRUFTECHNIK.

Margit Mayer
Media business manager

Margit Mayer -
Head of Marketing department

'Accept new challanges daily to make work enjoyable'

After completion of my apprenticeship as an Industrial Clerk I went on to get my qualification as an Industrial Business Manager. My first station at PRUFTECHNIK was Order Processing, then I switched to Marketing with the focus on trade fair organization and project coordination. During that time I completed an in-service course of studies in Media Business Management and meanwhile I am head of the Marketing Department.

Michael Engl
Industrial Electronics Engineer

Michael Engl - Team Manager: Computer Production

'The future should interest us more than the past, because that is where ‘WE’ will work.'

Right after I finished school I started my apprenticeship as an industrial electronics engineer at PRUFTECHNIK. After the apprenticeship I was hired for a regular position in Production. Since then I have become familiar with several departments within the company and I have acquired further qualifications.

Mathias Peter
Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics

Mathias Peter - Assistant Group Leader: Production and Mechanics

“If you want to develop, then take advantage of the opportunities.”

My first contact with PRUFTECHNIK was the obligatory school internship. After finishing school, I completed my apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic at PRUFTECHNIK, and then I was hired for a regular position. PRUFTECHNIK supported me with my career development and I was able to climb several steps, all the way to Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics.

Stephanie Simon
Industrial Clerk

Stephanie Simon - Team Manager:
Order Processing

'Communication is the music that guides a company'

I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and then gathered work experience. I started working at PRUFTECHNIK as an order processing clerk and advanced to Team Manager after a few years. My area of responsibility is very international and comprises Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium and the USA.