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Lisa Marie Glasner - Industrial Clerk Apprentice

Lisa Marie Glasner

Industrial Clerk Apprentice
Current position at PRUFTECHNIK: Industrial Business Management Apprentice

“When a person has goals, no distance is too far.”

What brought you to PRUFTECHNIK?
An advertisement placed by PRUFTECHNIK in my school’s annual report. Besides, PRUFTECHNIK has a reputation as a good employer where I live in Ismaning.

Could you describe your background?
First, I did my school internship in the 9th grade at PRUFTECHNIK. After completing secondary school, I applied for an apprenticeship at PRÜFTECHNIK.

Do you have any other perspectives for advancement at PRUFTECHNIK in the future?
First, I would like to successfully complete my apprenticeship. Then I could very well imagine acquiring further qualifications, for example through training as a Business Manager or studying at the university.

Have you already had the opportunity to gather experience abroad and if yes, what kind?
I have been with the company for a very short time and have not yet been abroad. It would be a good experience for me, after my apprenticeship, to have the opportunity to work as a trainee at one of the many PRUFTECHNIK subsidiaries around the world. But that is further down the line.

Why do you enjoy working at PRUFTECHNIK?
The working climate at PRUFTECHNIK is very good, the colleagues in all departments are friendly and helpful. Apprentices work their way through several different departments, which makes the workday interesting. I have become familiar with quite a few processes, from Dispatch, Warehouse and Goods Receipt to Accounting and HR. The requirements correspond to my skill level, which means I am challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Which project or challenge was the most enjoyable for you so far?
I have enjoyed working on a project in Purchasing, in which I was actively involved from the very beginning. The purpose of the project was to prepare contracts with suppliers, to negotiate terms and to draw up the final contracts. This gave me excellent insight into the processes of the Purchasing Department.

Can you imagine “growing old” at PRUFTECHNIK and if yes, why?
Yes. I like it very much at PRUFTECHNIK, the colleagues are really friendly and the work is varied and interesting. And there also is opportunity for career advancement – also within the framework of an international exchange program. What more could you want?