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Lucas Falkenberg

Lucas Falkenberg

Industrial Engineer (Bachelor of Engineering)
Current position at PRUFTECHNIK: Trainee

“By gathering experience you will know: The way is the goal.”

What brought you to PRUFTECHNIK?
One of my professors at the university recommended that I write my Bachelor thesis at PRUFTECHNIK.

Could you describe your development?I studied Industrial Engineering with emphasis on “Technical Sales and Purchasing”. My first contact to PRUFTECHNIK was as a work-study student in the Marketing Department, which is also where I wrote my thesis. After graduating I joined the company as a trainee.

Do have other plans for career advancement at PRUFTECHNIK?
After my two-year trainee program I would very much like to work in Technical Sales. That type of work requires intense contact with other people, without losing sight of the technology.

Why do you enjoy working at PRUFTECHNIK?
What I especially like about my current situation as a trainee is that my workday is interesting and varied. The trainee program is tailored to each individual, which means that I become familiar with both technical and business functions. It is very important to get to know the different company divisions and to understand the relationships. What I appreciate about PRUFTECHNIK, as opposed to big companies, is not being only a small cog in the machinery; one can assume responsibility for projects after a relatively short time and the procedures are uncomplicated and distances are short.

Which project or challenge was the most enjoyable for you so far?
I just completed a reference project for a new cross-site software. The goal was to create guidelines and to support the international subsidiaries with the introduction of the new tool. The great thing was that, as Project Manager, I was able to work independently, on my own responsibility.

Can you imagine working at PRUFTECHNIK after you complete the trainee program?
One never knows what can happen, but so far I feel very much at home in the company. The colleagues are very friendly and the benefits are good, too. I can imagine working in another country at some point, to get to know other cultures and learn other languages. With its worldwide subsidiaries, PRUFTECHNIK offers me optimal perspectives in this respect.