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Margit Mayer - Media business manager

Margit Mayer

Media business manager
Current position at PRUFTECHNIK: Head of Marketing Department

“Accept new challenges daily to make work enjoyable.”

What brought you to PRUFTECHNIK?
A classic job advertisement.

Could you describe your background?
After completion of my apprenticeship as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, I went on to get a qualification as an Industrial Business Manager. My first station at PRUFTECHNIK was Order Processing. I then switched to Marketing with key focus on trade fair management and project coordination. During that time, I completed a part-time course in Media Business Management and meanwhile I head the Marketing Department.

Have you already had the opportunity to gather experience abroad?
At PRUFTECHNIK, sharing experience and knowledge with our worldwide subsidiaries is very important. Next year I will visit several subsidiaries, which I am looking forward to very much.

Why do you enjoy working at PRUFTECHNIK?
PRUFTECHNIK is a company with a family-like atmosphere that takes care of its employees and supports them with their career development. Anyone who so desires has the opportunity for advancement and taking on new responsibilities. I had this opportunity and I took advantage of it.

Which project or challenge was the most enjoyable for you so far?
As Head of Marketing, I am involved in a broad spectrum of projects every day, from trade fair organization to online marketing and international cooperation with our subsidiaries. The most significant project for me in the recent past was the successful expansion and reorganization of the Marketing Department, which I am very proud of.

Can you imagine “growing old” at PRUFTECHNIK and if yes, why?
Yes. I like going to work, since I very much enjoy my job and the tasks it involves.