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Mathias Peter - Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics

Mathias Peter

Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics
Current position at PRUFTECHNIK: Assistant Group Leader - Production and Mechanics

“If you want to develop, then take advantage of the opportunities.”

What brought you to PRUFTECHNIK?
The recommendation of my sister, who also works at PRUFTECHNIK.

Could you describe your background?
My first contact with PRUFTECHNIK was the obligatory school internship. After finishing school, I completed my apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic at PRUFTECHNIK, and then I was hired for a regular position. PRUFTECHNIK supported me with my career development and I was able to climb several steps, all the way to Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics.

Why do you enjoy working at PRUFTECHNIK?
At PRUFTECHNIK, there is always opportunity for development. What I enjoy is that one only has to seize the opportunities. The new qualifications make it possible to work in new areas. Our job rotation program allowed me to advance to Assistant Group Leader without an academic degree, for example, and now I have moved to the Design department.

Which project or challenge was the most enjoyable for you so far?
In general, it is always a positive experience when a new product is completed and successfully launched. In Production, we always face new challenges when we are confronted with new machines. For some time now we have been using a new universal milling machine for 5-sided machining, for example, which is programmed via a 3D-CAM system. It is always fun to work with the latest technologies.

Can you imagine “growing old” at PRUFTECHNIK and if yes, why?
I feel I am in very good hands at PRUFTECHNIK. My area of responsibility is very interesting and varied and I would like to continue contributing actively to the company’s growth.