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Michael Engl - Industrial Electronics Engineer

Michael Engl

Industrial Electronics Engineer
Current position at PRUFTECHNIK: Team Manager - Computer Production

“The future should interest us more than the past, because that is where ‘WE’ will work.”

What brought you to PRUFTECHNIK?
A school trip to PRUFTECHNIK. I liked it so much that I immediately applied for an apprenticeship.

Could you describe your background?
Right after I finished school I started my apprenticeship as an Industrial Electronics Engineer at PRUFTECHNIK. After the apprenticeship, I was hired for a regular position in Production. Since then I have become familiar with several departments within the company and I have acquired further qualifications.

Why do you enjoy working at PRUFTECHNIK?
So far, I have worked in many different and interesting areas, which makes working at PRUFTECHNIK incredibly exciting. I am proud to have gained the confidence of my employer as the Fire Protection and Safety Officer. I am very glad to have this responsibility.

Which project or challenge was the most enjoyable for you so far?
From a technical perspective, it was a project in which I was able to support the Research Department in the development of one of our high-end products. I enjoyed very much working in a team across department boundaries.
As a Team Manager and Training Manager, I am also involved in personnel issues. It is always a special challenge for me to provide support to our apprentices from the first day through to the final exam.

Can you imagine “growing old” at PRUFTECHNIK and if yes, why?
PRUFTECHNIK is a company with future-oriented thinking that wants to continue growing in a healthy way. I want to remain a part of this development