Order Tracking: Dynamic Monitoring For Dynamic Processes 

Dynamic monitoring for dynamic processes

Order tracking conquers signal smearing and generates meaningful data

Many machines do more than just run at a fixed speed. Lots of machines speed up, slow down, adjust loads, reverse direction. In other words, they dynamically adjust to their process environments and missions. Wire saws that cut silicon wafers, winders that collect materials onto large spools, container ship crains that load and unload ships, mining drag lines, wind turbines, and ship bow thrusters represent just a few of the machines that confront ever changing process environments and respond to them flexibly and dynamically. These machines are terrific!


However, the very flexibility that makes machines like these so valuable in industry, also creates a unique maintance issue. Their performance monitoring and vibration analysis can be challenging. Machinery that carry out dynamic processes require performance monitoring techniques that are just as dynamic. Order tracking hits this dynamic monitoring nail right on the head.


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What is Order Tracking and how does it work?


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