Geometrical Plant Alignment using Modern Measurement Technology

LEVALIGN - measurement

An increase in production speed in web-conveying plants while complying with the quality requirements requires the precise geometrical alignment of the plant.

Parallelism of the rolls among one another is as important as perpendicularity of all rolls to the reference axis of the machine. Modern measuring methods for geometrical plant alignment are explained in the following.


Why do we measure parallelism?

Rolls in web-conveying plants define the direction of the material flow. This applies to the material as well as the clothing. Non-parallel rolls cause a transversal force FT leading to asymmetrical tension of web and clothing. This leads to paper tears, wrinkling, and frequent wire replacements.

PARALIGN - Measurement mode

How can roll parallelism be measured?

Just 15 years ago, prior to the introduction of PARALIGN into the market, theodolites were mainly used for measuring roll parallelism. However, optical systems quickly reach their limits in industrial environments, as a visual connection to the objects to be measured is required at all times.

PARALIGN enables the measurement of up to 80 rolls per day with consistently high precision.

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