Applying inertial Roll Alignment in the vacuum metalizing industry

PARALIGN_Roll Alignment Vacuum Metalizing

With exponential technological growth in the present day, it is no surprise that industrial advancements have reached the core of roll alignment throughout general manufacturing industries around the world.


The PARALIGN, with built-in inertial technology, was invented to counteract the limitations of traditional optical measuring systems.
The ability to create shorter machine downtime is what pushed the PARALIGN service to the forefront for roll parallelism projects allowing clients worldwide to increase uptime, production speed, and product


The following report is a detailed account of a vacuum metalizing
company implementing PARALIGN technology to measure the parallelism of rolls. During the five-hour PARALIGN service, a total of thirty-three rolls were measured and of those, eight rolls were found to be askew.


Misaligned rolls were properly adjusted according to the corresponding vertical and horizontal offsets determined by the PARALIGN measurement method. Adjusted rolls were remeasured to find their final position. As a result, the PARALIGN service was able to aid in making the necessary adjustments needed to correct misalignment and enhance overall quality of the product, while reducing the required downtime.


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