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Shaft alignment with ROTALIGN Ultra iS
Shaft alignment made easy with ROTALIGN Ultra iS made by PRUFTECHNIK.

Did you know that more than fifty percent of all pump damage is caused by misalignment?

Laser measurement systems as the ones provided by world market leader PRUFTECHNIK do not only ensure a longer service life of seals and bearings, they also increase energy efficiency.


"Not many people know that more than 50 percent of all machine damage is caused by incorrect shaft alignment," says Marco Boëtius, Sales Engineer at PRUFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring. For somebody, who already successfully uses common alignment methods, such as straightedges, feeler gages, or dial gages, in his plants, this percentage may seem unusually high. However, the numbers speak for themselves.


More than 50 % of all pump damage is caused by misalignment
More than 50 % of all pump damage is caused by misalignment.

What happens if the alignment is inaccurate? A misalignment of a few tenths of a millimeter leads already to machine overload and causes machine vibrations. Excess machine loading can result in bearing damage, seal wear, coupling damage, or machine vibrations that drastically reduce the service life of the different components and - in the worst case - cause expensive production losses. Last but not least, the energy consumption increases. Thus, operating companies can save money with accurate shaft alignment.

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