VIBGUARD keeps the port of Hamburg running

Reliable Condition Monitoring System: VIBGUARD

Condition Monitoring Hamburg port crane

Hamburg, the gateway to the world! But, the machines better not strike as then, the gateway would remain closed. Nothing is working anymore. No container is arriving on the pier, no container is leaving the port. At the end of the day, this means a huge negative cost balance for port operators and shipping companies. A crane must be operational to load and unload ships around the clock. 


To avoid failures and downtimes and to realize huge cost savings a strict, meaningful, and consistent monitoring of all critical components is required. However, a port crane is a quite complex system with many critical elements, which individually as well as together carry an enormous damage potential. An intelligent Condition Monitoring System (CMS) detects possible damage potentials early on and can prevent possible downtimes...


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Reliable Condition Monitoring keeps the port of Hamburg running (PDF)

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