Capturing and analyzing trends in your alignment data

How to identify the root cause of a misalignment condition

Over 50% of machine failures are due to misalignment

It is well known that misalignment is one of the greatest causes of failure in rotating equipment. In fact, research demonstrates that more than 50% of machine breakdowns are the direct result of poor alignment. But correcting misalignment can be a challenge. Misalignment can have many causes. Alignment is not a static condition. Alignment changes.


When a machine warms up, its alignment can shift with the thermal expansion of its parts. When a machine vibrates, its skids can move and affect its alignment. When minor process parameters such as pressure or temperature are modified, alignment can change. Even the simple and natural succession of the seasons can alter alignment and put machine assets at risk. Effectively countering the factors that influence or alter alignment depends on understanding how the alignment of your machine changes over time and with use. It depends on accurate and careful analysis of the trends in your alignment data.


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