PRUFTECHNIK alignment keeps a coaster rolling

Roller Coaster

The Challenge

To welcome riders for the busy 2016 summer season, an American amusement park roller coaster required alignment. At the end of last season the coaster’s driving assembly, the mechanism that pulls cars up the hill at the start of the ride, experienced a bearing failure. Damage to the gearbox was significant. Following the manufacturer’s repair and overhaul of the damaged parts, the gearbox had to be re-installed. Proper alignment was crucial. The park operators called in PRUFTECHNIK to make sure this alignment was done right.

The Solution

The roller coaster operating unit combines a 100 horsepower motor whirling at almost 1800 rpms with a heavy sprocket chain-drive that moves much more slowly; the rebuilt gearbox had to be inserted and carefully aligned between these dissimilar ends of the assembly.

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