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ROTALIGN and OPTALIGN set milestone in occupational safety


Safety engineers around the world can breathe easy. The PRUFTECHNIK ROTALIGN and OPTALIGN technology has made aligning machine shafts, especially gear shafts, much safer. Coupled shafts that may not be rotated by hand during the alignment measurement, such as in gear generator wind turbines, can be measured absolutely safely for alignment thanks to the unique laser sensor technology. By now, this process has advanced so much that manufacturers of wind turbines explicitly require this special technology from Bavaria because of the special HSE regulations (Health and Safety Execution)! 


The example gear generator wind turbine illustrates the importance of occupational safety. We all agree that an extremely heavy wind turbine rotor with a rotor blade diameter of well over one hundred or even two hundred meters generates tremendous forces on the generator shaft already at a low rotational speed – especially when a gear is interposed.


The rotor blades transfer the energy into a rotational movement in order to generate pure energy from wind in the form of electricity. The rotational movement runs via the hub into a directly connected gearbox in order to optimize the running speed for the power generator. The simple laws of physics suggest that the extreme leverage effects of the rotor blade to the input shaft create a tremendously high torque at the coupling from the gearbox to the generator shaft. Therefore for safety reasons, the complete drive linkage must operate under a protective cover during normal operation.



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ROTALIGN and OPTALIGN set milestone in occupational safety. Download the full story!


How to safely align wind turbines (PDF)

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