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VIBXPERT II data collector and vibration analyzer

VIBXPERT II is an all-in-one data collector, vibration analyzer and field balancer based on latest technology.


  • Fastest measurements using trending spectra
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Powerful analysis and diagnostic tools for machine trouble shooting
  • Automatic switchbox support
  • Long-lived battery



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"Great tool to trend and diagnose wear
and possible failure of power transmission

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Using VIBXPERT II to identify unbalance, misalignment, defective bearings, gear damage or looseness.

Most of the abnormal vibrations on rotating equipment are caused by unbalance, misalignment, defective bearings, gear damage or looseness. These defects may occur at short intervals. In-depth analysis allows identifying the root cause of such recurring defects.

Useful analysis tools are e.g. resonance tests, bump testing, modal analysis, ODS analysis, cross channel phase, orbit measurements, high resolution spectra analysis, long time wave recording and shaft centerline plots.


VIBXPERT II offers all these powerful analysis tools in one user friendly system. VIBXPERT II has a modular structure that allows you to upgrade the device at any time from a basic package for fast route-based data collection to a full-blown 2 channel analyzer with advanced analysis functionalities.

Besides the high-end analysis measurements capabilities, field balancing options and route data collection functionalities, VIBXPERT II also offers a special machine template mode which is typically used to perform acceptance measurements of newly produced or installed rotating equipment such as fans, pumps, electric motors or generators. The machine templates includes all relevant machine information such as RPM, roller bearing defect frequencies, warning and alarm thresholds, which allow you to provide a standardized, fast and easy acceptance inspection.

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.

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  • The VIBXPERT utility software is used for data transfer between the instrument and a PC. Please refer to the README file for further information on requirements, changes, etc.
  • The VIBXPERT Client software is used to demonstrate the operation of the VIBXPERT instrument on a PC or Laptop.

Smart tools file list

Working principle of a manual switchbox
Working principle of a manual switchbox
Automatic switchbox connected to a data collector. Several switchboxes can be connected in series.
Automatic switchbox connected to a data collector. Several switchboxes can be connected in series.
Integration into intrinsically safe areas.
Integration into intrinsically safe areas.

Automatic Switchbox


High-quality data is critical to the success of your reliability-based maintenance program (RbM).
However, many factors can significantly impact data quality.

Vibration readings of route-based data collection must be measured at exactly the same location every time.
Measurements have to be performed quickly in order to save time and even untrained staff may have to collect data.
Last but not least, how can you make hard-to-reach measurement locations part of your RbM program
without exposing employees to safety hazards during data collection?

PRUFTECHNIK’s Automatic Switchbox for VIBXPERT II is exactly the right solution to these issues.
Compared to a standard switchbox whereby operators still may mix up measurement channels
as they have to manually “turn the knob”, the proven Automatic Switchbox solution rules out human errors.

PRUFTECHNIK’s unique concept guarantees:

  • Maximum reliability of vibration data
  • Maximum efficiency – never has routine data collection been this short
  • Maximum security for operators
  • Maximum coverage - unlimited cable length with PRÜFTECHNIK’s unique sensor concept*


Many customers have understood the advantages of Automatic Switchboxes and have taken their RbM program to the next level.
If you too are ready to take the next step, contact us for more details.