Repair and calibration request

Alignment instruments require proper maintenance, care and calibration at specific intervals to achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy. 
With our repair and calibration service we ensure maximum reliability and precision of your measurement system.


Complete the form and send us your repair and calibration request.
After submitting the request form please ship your system or component to us:

PRUFTECHNIK Inc.                                                                                                      
Attn: Calibration                                                 
7821 Bartram Avenue                                         
Philadelphia, PA 19153                                        

Canada requests                                                                 
Loaner devices
A loaner device is available upon request while your unit is being serviced.  If requested, the loaner will be shipped to you when your unit arrives at our facility using whatever shipping service you request (if none is requested, UPS Ground service will be used).  You will only be responsible for the shipping charges.

Please complete this form prior to shipment                                                                                                                                      Canada requests

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