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Every issue is dedicated to a specific subject or industry - now gear transmission
Telediagnose Gear transmission

Download Issue 16 with focus on Gear transmission


  • Temporary noise on Jungfrau train transmission
  • Calculate meshing frequencies
  • Typical measurement locations and acceptance criteria for vibration behavior in gears
  • Investigate gear transmission core using bending stress measurements of gear tooth root
  • Level 3 analysis of planetary gear
  • Vibration analysis of a double helical highspeed running gearbox
  • Structural analysis on gearbox housing
  • Determine root causes of tooth and shaft breakages
Telediagnose Hydroelectric Power

Download Issue 15 with focus on Hydroelectric power


  • High bearing temperatures in a Francis turbine
  • Bearing clearance measurements on 15 vertical Kaplan turbines
  • Analyzing wear in turbine bearings
  • A well-aligned belt drive reduces vibrations
  • Online monitoring of hydroelectric units
  • Localizing and eliminating natural vibrations
  • Insufficient power output in a run-of-the-river hydroelectric unit
  • Condition Monitoring evaluation strategies of the future
Telediagnose Generators

Download Issue 14 with focus on Generators


  • Acceptance test of torsional vibration in the on-board generator
  • Natural frequencies in the hydroelectric generator
  • Acceptance criteria and permissible vibrations in generators
  • Disturbing vibrations in the ship generator
  • FMEA-based condition monitoring in traction generators
  • Generator operates only with partial load – why?
  • Documentation of vibration competence with ISO certificate
  • Alignment errors on generator of an express ferry
  • Balancing of generators
  • 40 years PRUFTECHNIK.
Telediagnose Turbomachinery

Download Issue 13 with focus on Turbomachinery


  • Strong shaft vibrations in a turbo-generator set
  • Evaluating shaft vibrations in turbomachinery
  • Determining turbine alignment targets
  • Alignment of a steam turbine
  • Measuring and evaluating shaft movement: part 1 – part 8

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