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Vibrex ISO-based machine protection system providing machine safety for rotating equipment


Machine safety for rotating equipment

Automated alarm-based switching with delay interval setting

ISO-based vibration monitoring and bearing condition

One or two channel monitoring at one or two locations

Easy and low-cost installation

Only a few sensors and cables due to Tandem Piezo technology

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Machine safety monitoring with VIBREX

  • Autonomous machine safety monitoring system

  • Vibration and bearing condition monitoring (Shock Pulse)

  • ISO-based vibration monitoring

  • Easy and low-cost installation

  • Zero potential relay outputs

  • Availabe in ATEX version

  • VIBREX machine protection system on modern concrete background
  • VIBREX machine protection system installation in cabinet
  • VIBREX machine monitoring and protection system by PRUFTECHNIK
  • VIBREX front plates by PRUFTECHNIK


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Machine monitoring à la carte with VIBREX modular system

VIBREX allows you to combine bearing and vibration monitoring on one or two channels according to your needs. The machine protection system is suitable for the vast majority of rotating machines such as pumps, motors, fans, stirrers, refiners and many more.

Should an alarm be triggered, VIBREX displays coloured LED signals indicating the change of condition of the machine. Alarms and warnings can also be transmitted to the control system via either the digital or the analog (4-20mA) output in order for the machine to be shut down if necessary.

VIBREX utilizes the Shock Pulse technique to evaluate anti-friction bearing conditions: high-frequency signals indicate bearing wear or damage long before failure. Vibration modules are available for standard severity rating according to DIN ISO 10816, or for special applications auch as gearboxes and low speed machines (down to 60 rpm).

VIBRREX brings investment costs down by using the patented dual-function Tandem-Piezo sensor to measure both machine vibration and bearing signals with fewer sensors and cables. You can use the same standard sensor for all applications and no signal amplifiers are required, even over large distances.

VIBREX is also availabe for intrinsically safe areas according to ATEX.

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