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Continuous condition monitoring of critical assets in the modern industrial environment

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Continuous condition monitoring of critical assets
in the modern industrial environment

How Fluke Reliability Condition Monitoring systems provide
reliable data for procedural safety from the very first measurement
Condition monitoring with VIBGUARD

Our modern infrastructure, with houses, bridges, roads, canals, shafts, and more, would not be possible without concrete. And without its raw material, cement, concrete would also be impossible. Cement plants therefore must be running in order to ensure the infrastructure of modern existence. Fluke Reliability’s Condition Monitoring system ensures that the main asset of the Holcim Beckum-Kollenbach Cement plant, the rotary kiln, never stops. The first measurement provided notable vibration results.

Cement, the main component of concrete

With more than 4 billion tons of annual production, cement, the main component of concrete, is one of the most produced building materials in the world. Concrete, and thus its raw material, cement, is used in almost every construction project worldwide. Cement, composed of limestone, clay and iron ore, can also be produced anywhere.
The Holcim Deutschland Group produces a wide variety of high-quality cement grades, including special cements for applications in structural engineering, underground, and road construction. They operate four cement plants and three plants for grinding and mixing.

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