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We offer an end-to-end Remote Condition Monitoring solution

Remote Condition Monitoring Service

In today’s increasingly connected world, maintenance teams seek to monitor and manage their assets to make data-driven decisions — and the flexibility to do this remotely. But many organizations struggle with starting up, sustaining, or expanding their remote condition monitoring programs due to a lack of in-house expertise, time, resources, and the right combination of solutions.

Fluke Reliability’s Remote Condition Monitoring (Remote CM) service can be the critical difference between success or failure.

 Fluke Reliability and Pruftechnik, part of the Fluke Reliability family, is home to some of the world’s top condition monitoring and vibration experts. Our team around the globe can help you tackle challenges from start to finish so you can implement a successful Remote CM program. From implementation, configuration, reporting, analysis, diagnosis, vibration training and even corrective services, we can create a tailor-made solution best suited for your needs.

What is remote condition monitoring?

Remote Condition Monitoring, or Remote CM, is the remote measurement of specific equipment parameters noting signs of any significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure. Properly implemented, remote condition monitoring systems can catch variations in vibration or temperature, which may indicate a future machine failure. It replaces arbitrarily timed maintenance tasks with maintenance scheduled only when warranted by asset condition.

For example, a vibration sensor placed on a pump might detect when that pump is out of balance. Remote condition monitoring makes it possible to spot and solve maintenance issues early on without being on-site.  

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Benefits of a remote condition monitoring service

Through Remote Condition Monitoring, our experts can help set up or support your predictive maintenance program, monitor and analyze your data, provide reports, and alert your team when machines need. The top benefits of a remote condition monitoring service include:

  • Early detection of machine-related issues

  • Improved maintenance planning

  • Prevent unscheduled and costly downtime

  • Reduced costs in maintenance, inventory and production

  • Real-time knowledge of machine status

  • Solve problems before they cause equipment failures

  • Avoid costly downtime

  • Speed up decision making

Many condition monitoring programs fail because they

  • Lack a total solution that can cover every stage of the reliability journey

  • Lack predictive maintenance expertise, asset criticality assessment, and implementation planning

  • Lack trained experts in data analytics who can recommend specific actions

The Fluke Reliability

  • Full suite of hardware and software options

  • Decades of industry experience: More than 50 CATIII and CATIV experts

  • Breadth of Services: From corrective field services, training to technical support

  • Flexible, tailor-made solutions for customers’ needs

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We offer alignment, vibration & balancing, ultrasound, and reliability training.

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Our Remote Condition Monitoring Service

Our Remote Condition Monitoring Service



  • Asset Criticality Workshop

  • Asset Criticality Assessment



We ensure that you are set up for success from the start.

  • Project engineering

  • Installation

  • Configuration

  • Customer acceptance

Analysis & reporting


We provide expert-level assessments.

  • Status reports, providing on periodic intervals

  • Event reports, provided on event-driven basis

Data management


We manage your IT infrastructure and software.

  • Infrastructure service

  • Data access

Expert on-demand


We provide a wide range of services to solve specific issues.

  • Remote mentoring

  • Training

  • Corrective field services

  • Repair & calibration