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MINING Alignment

MINING Alignment

Why Prüftechnik is the mining industry’s go-to brand

Mining industry

Miners work in some of the most demanding conditions of any industry, and they require maintenance tools and systems that are rugged, durable, safe to use, and extremely dependable. After all, unscheduled downtime can set a mining company back up to $100,000 per day.

Prüftechnik, part of Fluke Reliability, provides mining companies the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of tools, software, and services for their maintenance and reliability requirements. We supply industry-leading laser shaft alignment tools, innovative vibration sensors, data collection and condition monitoring systems, and a powerful CMMS platform—all backed by award-winning training and support.

Our unrivaled RotAlign Touch and other Adaptive Alignment laser systems from Prüftechnik keep your critical assets aligned and in peak condition. Prüftechnik online condition monitoring systems track machine vibration and other relevant machine condition parameters around the clock, enabling you to effectively predict critical machine and equipment deficiencies and conduct data driven repairs.

Learn more about how Fluke Reliability solutions help you digitalize, automate, streamline and consolidate maintenance-related operations.

Facts and Figures

Mine assets are running

24/7 Many mines run assets around the clock, meaning unplanned downtime is costly to production and revenues

Save money

25x ROI Return on Investment experienced by one Brazilian mining client


Worldwide mining revenue in 2019 (U.S. dollars)

What can we do

Tools, Software, and Systems

Essential Solutions for Mining



What we do

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Tools, Software, and Systems

Our focus on reliability-centered maintenance protects and preserves both mobile and stationary mining assets over their entire life cycles. These assets include dragline excavators, shovels, ball mills, rock crushers, fans, and more. Regular, data-driven maintenance actions help these machines last longer and run better.

Fluke Reliability offers sophisticated Prüftechnik machine alignment systems and online condition monitoring technology to maximize productivity while ensuring operator safety.

  • Complete, real-time monitoring of every aspect of a mine

  • Avoid downtime on critical and secondary mining assets by safely maintaining high-precision alignment

  • Using ARC 4.0 software with RotAlign Touch and OptAlign Touch, mining companies can map and manage entire sites

Essential Solutions for Mining

  • VibGuard IIoT
    A best-in-class monitoring and diagnostic system for assets with short operating cycles, including cranes and presses, or machines with highly dynamic processes. VibGuard IIoT monitors all critical fans and pumps effectively for vibration data

  • RotAlign Touch and OptAlign Touch
    Preeminent laser alignment systems that adapt to the asset, situation, and user skill level. Both are ruggedly built and provide the mining industry's safest and most efficient way to correct the alignment problems of complex machinery.

  • emaint CMMS software
    eMaint's flexibility, customizability, and power to work across multiple worksites make it the ideal computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software for multi-site mining operations.


Many mines run 24 hours per day, with on-site assets functioning around the clock. This can make equipment more susceptible to inefficiency and breakdowns. And every machine working to extract, process, or transport mineral requires the support of a maintenance plan following asset management best practices to secure availability.

Precision alignments are especially critical for pumps with mechanical seals and those that must continually remove water that continuously infiltrates underground mines.

Prüftechnik can partner with your team to maximize your equipment’s functionality and performance.
How we can help:

  • Extend your assets’ health and keep machines running at peak performance by integrating predictive maintenance technologies

  • Avoid downtime on critical and secondary assets by safely maintaining high-precision alignment

  • Increase collaboration between technicians on the front lines and engineers and consultants with cloud-based software and services

  • With the ability to do remote monitoring and analysis, engineers and consultants can assist technicians from remote locations


Take advantage of the wide range of training opportunities Prüftechnik offers, including online options such as:

  • Vibration and alignment trainings

  • ISO CAT Trainings and Certifications

  • Product and software training

  • With the ability to do remote monitoring and analysis, engineers and consultants can assist technicians from remote locations

Increase Uptime

Our industry solutions increase asset and plant availability.

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