Laser shaft alignment on tablets and smartphones

Laser shaft alignment on tablets and smartphones

Mobile, connected, convenient

  • For Apple and Android devices
  • Fully wireless with Bluetooth
  • Intuitive touch operation
  • Alignment condition with smiley
  • Email PDF report or upload to web



Customer Voices

"Excellent app! Works on android or iOS systems.
Simple, fast, measures soft foot that's included
automatically in the alignment report. Then email
it directly from your phone or tablet."

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Motor-pump alignment on a tablet with tab@lign

Shaft alignment on mobile devices means greater mobility and flexibility.

But there is even more to tab@lign. The app works with both Apple and Android devices so you may just use your own tablet or smartphone to do the job. If need be, a rugged industrial tablet with glove-enabled touchscreen is available as an additional option.

tab@lign comprises the app, the OS3 sensors and a Bluetooth module for wireless communication.

With a compact carrying case and an intuitive touch user interface, tab@lign is perfect for service technicians on the go and for the occasional users – typical use is the alignment check of motor-pump sets during assembly or revision.

Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and test it in demo mode on your own mobile device.

tab@lign for iOs at the app store
tab@align for Android - Google Play

Combined with the measurement components from PRUFTECHNIK including a Bluetooth module,
the tab@lign app composes a wireless laser shaft alignment system for tablets and smart phones