Laminated shims that peel down to the required thickness

LAMIBLOC - laminated shims that peel down to the required thickness

The time and money-saving, safe and practical alternative to hand-cut shims


  • Different sizes fit all machine feet
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion
  • Perfectly flat rolled to avoid vibration and ‘soft foot’ when stacked together - even several millimeters at a time!
  • 1 mm thick and easily peeled down to required thickness down to 0.05 mm
  • 10 pieces in handy packaging.

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LAMIBLOC shims are laminated shims for machine alignment. Each 1 mm shim is composed of 20 layers each 0.05 mm thick.

LAMIBLOC are ideal when alignment work requirements are insufficient to warrant stocking the complete assortment
of single-thickness shims. Just a handful of shims are all you need on the job site for perfect vertical alignment
adjustment in a small fraction of the usual time.

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