Stainless steel precut shims

PERMABLOC stainless steel precut shims

Designed to speed up machine corrections


  • Lightweight assortment cases (IP67)
  • Various case configurations available
  • Five machine foot sizes, nine thicknesses
  • Corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel
  • Perfectly flat for stable, consistent machine support
  • Perforated tab for easier positioning and removal

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Each PERMABLOC case is extremely rugged and contains a complete assortment of shims.

The fully equipped PERMABLOC cases are practical to transport and offer safe storage and clear arrangement of all available shims. It is so handy, with the right shim size and thickness always at your fingertips! 

PERMABLOC precut shims are up to four times more cost-effective than hand-cut shims! 

Precut shims not only reduce labor costs during installation and repair, but also facilitate inventory control and avoid the risk of injury when cutting and inserting sharp-edged shims.

The PERMABLOC assortment cases are available in six different configurations.

Further shims: