Online particle counter monitors wear debris in oil

WEARSCANNER - Online particle counter

Protect your gears before they fail!

WEARSCANNER helps detect early signs of wear in pressurized lubricated systems.


  • Detects bearing and gear teeth wear
  • Avoids consequential damage
  • Internal storage capacity for 150 days of measurement data
  • Compact stainless steel housing
  • Modbus TCP interface for easy integration to PLC
  • Recognizes ferrite and non-ferrite material
  • Switching alarm output.


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"Our second installment just delivered,
what a fantastic maintenance tool."

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WEARSCANNER continuously monitors wear particle in oil

WEARSCANNER detects electrically conductive particles in oil using a patented method based on the eddy current principle. Results are independent of oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air and water contents or oil color (darkening).


The particles are counted real-time and classified according to their size. Minimum particle detection size is down to 50µm to ensure the detection of the slightest start of detrimental and abnormal wear.

WEARSCANNER identifies ferrite as well as non-ferrite particles. It is ideal for detecting progressive damage to gear teeth or roller bearings at an early stage.

The free of charge WEARSCANNER utility software allows easy configuration of the WEARSCANNER particle counter.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of eddy current technology and condition monitoring PRÜFTECHNIK joined forces and developed the WEARSCANNER to provide customers another powerful solution to enhance machine availability.

WEARSCANNER utility 3.0

WEARSCANNER utility is a program for startup and system maintenance of the WEARSCANNER particle counter; it can be used for the following tasks:

  • Change IP configuration
  • Set system time
  • Transfer and save readings (together with a network utility such as Netcat)
  • Read current system settings
  • Manually reboot

How to install

  • Download the ZIP file provided on this page.
  • Create an installation directory on your PC and unzip the downloaded ZIP file (contains: wearscanner.exe, readme.txt).

Please consult the  readme file for latest product information.