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The all-in-one software for machine geometry measurement


Suitable for all geometrical measurements

Measures straightness, flatness, level, inclination, right angle, plumbness and parallelism

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Wireless communication with measurement sensor

Bluetooth connection to all recent measurement sensors sensALIGN, LEVALIGN, PENTALIGN and INCLINEO

Easy visualization and reporting

Measurement results are displayed in colored 2D or 3D models and as user-specific PDF reports

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What is Adaptive Alignment?

Learn about the next generation of laser alignment systems

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One software for many measurement applications

  • Straightness of any machine surfaces, rails, guides or bores

  • Flatness of any machine surfaces, tables or foundations

  • Level of machine halves

  • Plumbness of vertical shafts or machine surfaces

  • Parallelism of machine surfaces or rails

  • Right angle of any two machine surfaces or components

  • Free test version for measurement and visualization


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One software for many measurement applications

During the planning and design phase on the CAD program, all lines and levels of a machine or its foundation are 100 percent straight and flat. However, heat, cold, humidity and mechanical forces limit the material properties in reality. Geometric deviations of surfaces to each other, once straight planned rails or even foundations come about completely "naturally".

With the PRUFTECHNIK GEO CENTER software, these deviations from the ideals can be measured and visualized clearly, quickly and easily. The measurement data from the PRUFTECHNIK  laser measuring components are transferred via Bluetooth directly to a laptop or PC with the installed GEO CENTER software.

  • Straightness measurement (e.g. on rails, guides or bores)

  • Flatness measurement (e.g. machine tables or foundations)

  • Leveling (e.g. of machine halves)

  • Plumbness (e.g. of vertical shafts or surfaces)

  • Parallelism and right angle measurement (e.g. of rails or surfaces)

PRUFTECHNIK has the appropriate laser and sensor units for every special task.  GEO CENTER allows individual measurement templates to be created and measurement levels to be defined independently and freely.

GEO CENTER uses a modern graphical user interface for quick and easy operation. The measurement results are displayed in colored 2D and 3D models so that deviations from the norm be detected at a glance. The PDF measurement reports can be customized.


The measurement data from the PRUFTECHNIK  laser measuring systems are transferred directly to a laptop/PC with the installed GEO CENTER software via Bluetooth. PRUFTECHNIK has the appropriate laser and sensor units for every special task.

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Flatness Measurement with GEO CENTER Software

What's new?


With the GEO CENTER demo version you get a limited version with restricted functionality:

  • Opening of existing measurement files

  • Setting up new measurements

  • Measuring with all measurement methods and features

  • 2D / 3D result view

With upgrade to GEO CENTER full version you get the full functionality:

  • Saving and exporting measurement files

  • Creating user-specific reports

How to upgrade to the full version:

Please read the GEO CENTER online help and follow the instruction for license request and activation.