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Machine Protection Systems

Machine protection systems are used to monitor bearing signals and vibration and automatically shut down the equipment should an alarm threshold be reached. Our systems use innovative sensor technology to bring installation costs down.

Machine Protection Systems and Vibration Transmitters FAQ

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What is a machine protection system?

A machine protection system monitors machine vibration and bearing condition changes in most rotating equipment. The system automatically shuts down machinery such as pumps, fans, blowers, generators, or compressors, depending on machine vibration severity to avoid damage and/or equipment failure. A modular machine protection system like the Prüftechnik VIBREX combines bearing signal and vibration measurement on one or two channels.

What are the benefits of implementing a machine protection system?

A machine monitoring and machine protection system increases worker safety and insures OSHA compliance. The system monitors machine vibration severity continuously. It will trip a switch that automatically shuts down machinery if vibration exceeds pre-set levels, avoiding damage and catastrophic failure.


  • Provides early warning of machine issues

  • Automatically shuts down machinery when an alarm occurs, reducing damage and machine failures

  • Provides maintenance teams time to plan proactive maintenance

  • Reduces unplanned downtime, labor, and overall production costs