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Uncompromising ultrasound leak detection

ISMANING – October 23, 2017– With the new SONOCHEK ultrasonic testing device, PRUFTECHNIK, the Bavarian specialist for condition monitoring systems, is entering a new field of preventive maintenance. Thanks to the new SONOCHEK, it is possible to localize specific leaks on high pressure pipes and to evaluate the total loss volume. Its broad bandwidth of 20 to 100 kHz allows almost every leak on all industrial compressed gas and air pipes to be tracked, even from a distance.

The SONOCHEK handheld testing device comes with two apps: SONOLEVEL and SONOLEAK.


The SONOLEVEL app is the universal leak detection tool. You can search and find leaks with this app, carry out basic condition monitoring tasks for bearings, check that the condensate separator is in working order and monitor electric control cabinets for spark production. To this end, the handheld equipment is fitted with various sensor attachments for both the airborne (non-contact) and the structure-borne (contact-conditioned) transfer of ultrasound.


The SONOLEAK app makes the new leak detection system unique. On the one hand, it is used for precise localization of leaks on all compressed air and gas pipes while it can also be used to determine the exact leakage loss volume. A target measurement of only one second is already sufficient to determine the exact loss volume. The corrective action can be identified immediately thanks to the classification of the leak into five different categories.

The broad application spectrum of between 20 and 100 kHz makes it possible to precisely localize all types and sizes of leaks on gas and air pressure systems as well as damage to condensate separators, control cabinets or motor bearings. All ultrasound signals are directly converted into digital signals in the equipment. Reports can therefore be generated quickly and stored with text and voice memos as well as images thanks to the integrated camera.

The user is guided intuitively through the menu. The large touch display enables quick and easy operation similar to a smartphone. Reports can be saved in various formats such as PDF or CSV and transferred to a computer via a USB connection. This gives the user a complete documentation and an optimally functioning system without any energy loss.