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We offer end-to-end Remote Condition Monitoring solutions

Remote Condition Monitoring services, hardware & software

In today’s increasingly connected world, maintenance teams want to manage their assets with data-driven decisions — and the flexibility to do this remotely. But many organizations struggle with starting up, sustaining, or expanding their remote condition monitoring (Remote CM) programs due to a lack of in-house expertise, time, resources, and the right combination of solutions.

Fluke Reliability’s Remote Condition Monitoring service can be the critical difference between success or failure.

Fluke Reliability and Pruftechnik, part of the Fluke Reliability family, are home to some of the world’s top condition monitoring and vibration experts. Our global team can help you tackle challenges from start to finish. From implementation, configuration, reporting, analysis, diagnosis, vibration training and even corrective services, we can create custom solutions for your needs.

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  • Remote Condition Monitoring pairs IIoT sensors with asset management software to conduct data analysis over time using things like temperature and vibration measurements.
Condition Monitoring progams can fail

  • Lack a total solution for each stage of reliability journey

  • Lack expertise in PdM asset criticality, implementation

  • Lack data analytics experts to recommend actions

Extend equipment lifespan
Benefits of a remote condition monitoring service

  • Early detection of machine-related issues

  • Improved maintenance planning

  • Prevent unscheduled and costly downtime

  • Extend equipment lifespan

  • Reduced maintenance & production costs

Flexibel, tailor-made soltuions for your needs
The Fluke Reliability

  • Full suite of hardware and software options

  • Decades of industry experience: More than 50 CATIII and CATIV experts

  • Breadth of Services: From corrective field services, training to technical support

  • Flexible, tailor-made solutions for customers’ needs

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We offer alignment, vibration & balancing, ultrasound, and reliability training.


Fluke Reliability Remote Condition Monitoring

Our Remote Condition Monitoring solutions

Our complete solution encompasses a combination of vibration-based hardware and software systems, and remote condition monitoring services — with the possibility to add other modalities — to help you achieve uptime.

Choose any of Fluke Reliability’s Remote Condition Monitoring offerings, on a one-time or recurring basis, and our experts around the globe will do the work for you.

We also offer on-site condition monitoring services on request.

Consulting | One-time service

Remote Condition Monitoring - Consulting 123123123

We help you understand the how and the why before taking actions.

  • Asset Criticality Workshop

  • Asset Criticality Assessment

Implementation | One-time service

We ensure that you are set up for success from the start. 123123123

We ensure that you are set up for success from the start.

  • Project engineering

  • Installation

  • Configuration

  • Customer acceptance

Analysis & report | Recurring service

Remote Condition Monitoring - Analysis & report 123123123

We provide expert-level assessments.

Status reports, provide on periodic intervals

  • Overall status summary of analysis results of all assets​

  • Including references to specific events and recommendations ​

  • Provided on agreed set intervals (1/2/4/6/12 reports per year)​

  • Customized report on demand​

Event reports, provided on event-driven basis

  • Provided in case of relevant changes in asset condition

  • Additional (optional) reporting with fast response for critical assets​

  • Get insights on expected failures and recommendations how to deal with them

Data management | Recurring service

Remote Condition Monitoring - Data management 123123123

We offer cloud based software solutions to manage your data

Expert on-demand | One-time service

Remote Condition Monitoring - Expert on Demand 123123123

We provide a wide range of services to solve specific issues.

  • Remote mentoring

  • Training

    • In-person and remote training in 15 countries

    • 200+ public and customized training courses per year

  • Corrective field services

  • Repair & calibration

Expert on-demand services, including training, can be performed remotely or on-site.

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Remote Condition Monitoring
with Handheld Devices

Remote Condition Monitoring
You measure - We evaluate


Our Remote CM Service is the easiest way to an efficient condition monitoring program for standard and critical machines.

You take the measurements and leave the analysis to Fluke Reliability's vibration experts. We provide you with a status report and recommendations for action, if needed.

Advantages of our Remote CM Service:

  • Rapidly launch a condition monitoring program – no training required

  • Skilled analysis by ISO-certified vibration experts

  • Our independent expertise helps you make informed, data-based decisions

  • A cost-effective way to start a predictive maintenance program

  • Flexibility to extend your condition monitoring program to cover complex machines via online condition monitoring systems such as wired and wireless sensors

Our Remote CM Service: Step-by-Step

Hardware Training

  • We train you to use handheld devices

Asset Critically Workshop (optional)

  • We help run an Asset Criticality Analysis

  • Machines are selected and prioritized for the Remote CM Service

Create overview

  • Determining the measuring points

  • Collecting the technical data

  • Check for special conditions

Structure database

  • Creating the machine trains/routes

  • Defining the measurement tasks

  • Setting alarms

How Does Fluke Reliability's Remote CM Service Work?

  • Regular measurements by the client

  • Data porting to Fluke Reliability

  • Fluke Reliability evaluates the data measurements

  • Fluke Reliability Condition Report

  • Countermeasures taken by client

Remote Condition Monitoring service FAQs

Learn more about remote condition monitoring solutions.

What is Remote Condition Monitoring?

Remote Condition Monitoring, or Remote CM, is the remote measurement of specific equipment parameters noting signs of any significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure. Properly implemented, remote condition monitoring systems can catch variations in vibration or temperature, which may indicate a future machine failure. It replaces arbitrarily timed maintenance tasks with maintenance scheduled only when warranted by asset condition.

For example, a vibration sensor placed on a pump might detect when that pump is out of balance. Remote condition monitoring makes it possible to spot and solve maintenance issues early on without being on-site.

Why do I need cloud-based Remote Condition Monitoring?

Fluke Reliability provides a cloud-based remote condition monitoring service solution with wired online devices and the OMNITREND Center diagnostic software. Having OMNITREND Center hosted on cloud allows experts from Fluke Reliability to analyze and evaluate your data most efficiently.

Will I have access to the Remote Condition Monitoring data?

Will I have access to the Remote Condition Monitoring data?

Yes, with an annual subscription, you can get access to vibration data in OMNITREND Center through a virtual desktop. We provide ready-to-go AWS workspaces with OMNITREND Client installed.

What are the key advantages of Remote CM cloud hosting?

Switching gears from an on-premise infrastructure toward managed cloud services has the following advantages:

Data accessibility from wherever you have an internet connection.

  • Data accessibility from wherever you have an internet connection.

  • Flexibility through scalability. Our solution scales as your company grows.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Simplified operations. No more worrying about installing the latest security patches on your on-premise system.

What’s the data flow?

VIBGUARD systems continuously capture vibration and process data, which is picked up from the Fluke PT Link software and runs on an industrial edge PC (implemented next to the VIBGUARD). Diagnostic data are sent outbound to the OMNITREND Center server on cloud.

How is the Remote Condition Monitoring data transfer encrypted?

All traffic between your on-site network and cloud network is encapsulated through VPN tunnel and SSL/TLS encrypted. We have updated our solution to the latest industry recommended versions to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.

What inbound and outbound ports need to be open?

No inbound ports need to be open.

The following outbound standard ports (according to IANA)

need to be allowed through your firewall settings

Where is all my data hosted and how is data protected?

Data is hosted on a cloud infrastructure at regional data centers provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) — one of the most secure cloud computing environments available. Our cloud service provider uses state-of-the-art electronic surveillance, multi-factor access control systems, and 24x7 staffing at its data centers. The servers have built-in firewalls, encrypted data storage and secure access specifically designed to protect your data. Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems are in place. User portals are not exposed directly to the internet but are behind application load balancers with SSL termination.

Who can view my data once stored in the cloud?

Only dedicated experts in Fluke Reliability have access to the cloud applications. Access is specified through user management.

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