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We get your machines to run smoothly again

PRUFTECHNIK offers all alignment services to achieve the required geometric precision of machines and assets. It does not matter whether they are simple, small equipment or highly-complex machinery. PRUFTECHNIK relies on the latest laser technology for all its service calls, drawing on the complete range of in-house alignment equipment, including ROTALIGN and OPTALIGN.

Before commissioning machines, geometric measurements should be carried out on foundations, flanges or machine halves. PRUFTECHNIK also has the perfect service offers for this. Even the smallest of standard and tolerance deviations can thus be detected with laser accuracy.

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We offer alignment, vibration & balancing, ultrasound, and reliability training.

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PRUFTECHNIK Services in detail

Laser shaft alignment

With OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN, PRUFTECHNIK established laser shaft and machine alignment by laser worldwide in the early 1980s. PRUFTECHNIK is thus synonymous with laser alignment of machines – no matter which type is used.

PRUFTECHNIK also offers precise laser shaft alignment as a service and as a training course in the field. Why is such precision alignment so important?

If the permissible working range of a shaft coupling is exhausted, secondary vibrations and increased restoring forces occur already in the limits, which lead to increased seal and bearing wear and in extreme cases even to shaft breakage.

Which maximum parallel, angular and axial misalignment a coupling can compensate is determined by its design, among others, according to the coupling tolerances.

Roller alignment with PARALIGN
and Peak RGA

PARALIGN is the unique device developed by PRUFTECHNIK with inertial laser gyro technology for measuring the parallelism of rollers and rolls in production systems in the paper, printing, processing and/or steel industry.

Given the ever-increasing operating speeds in production lines and the ever more stringent product quality standards, a precise roller alignment has become an absolute must. Perfectly aligned rolls (i.e. parallel to each other) ensure improved product quality and increased productivity and greater production output.

PARALIGN can thus also be used to measure rollers in hard-to-reach areas of the machine, since the device does not require any direct line of sight. PARALIGN is the fastest roll measurement method on the market. The measurement reports are immediately available. Thanks to the fast setup and measurement times, a PARALIGN service can easily be carried out during a short planned stoppage for maintenance purposes.

Peak RGA is a total alignment solution combining the ParAlign, an exclusive non-optical measurement method, with laser trackers. It is a fast, accurate, and comprehensive way to align rolls and their surrounding structures.

Reference line measurement

We measure the reference line of your machinery by laser and use PARALIGN to check the parallelism of the machine's rollers. At the same time, we determine whether all rollers are perpendicular to the reference line. Machine swings and settling phenomena can massively affect the original tear line, which can be detected in good time by regular checks of the centerline of the machine 


Laser-based alignment of structures and machine components

Our services often include composite measurement tasks. After determining the straightness of rails, we determine also
their parallelism to each other. We document the flatness of the lower part of a floating dryer or a press, for example, in comparison with the corresponding counterpart, so that a difference image of the flatness of the surfaces to each other is created.

Production lines, e.g. in the metal or tire industry, contain material feeds that must be vertically aligned to the production process. We take care of this measurement for you. Furthermore, we also determine the perpendicular line of material feeds to rotation axes in the main line.

One-sided bearing wear can be a reliable indicator that shafts (input shafts, vertical shafts, turbine shafts, etc.) are installed at an oblique angle or run misaligned. Using laser-accurate measurement methods, PRUFTECHNIK specialists can measure and align boreholes, flanges, part joints or turbine or turbine shells to the hundredth of a millimeter.

Determination of alignment targets

There are machines where the nominal operating states are only reached after a few days or even change regularly. It then means to align incorrectly in the cold state, taking account of alignment specifications, so that a perfect alignment between the machines coupled to one another is achieved during nominal operation.

Using our measuring equipment, we determine optimum alignment targets as a service for you. These alignment targets are then entered into the laser alignment measuring technology and automatically considered during shaft alignment.