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Stainless Steel Shims and Sensor Brackets

Sensor mounting brackets and stainless steel shims for vertical alignment and soft foot correction are an integral part of a precision alignment solution. They contribute to the quality of the measurement and the resulting asset reliability. PRUFTECHNIK offers universal or chain-type brackets as well as stainless steel shims for trouble-free machine corrections. Brackets and stainless shim sets are alignment accessories that improve the results and experience for unusual or challenging situations, including soft foot. Quality stainless steel shim sets improve alignment adjustment results and make challenging alignment situations, including soft foot faster and easier.

Stainless Steel Shims FAQ

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What is a stainless steel shim used for?

Maintenance professionals use stainless steel shims to correct machine foot issues, mainly soft foot. If left uncorrected, soft foot can:

  • Damage machinery from the inside out

  • Distort the machine

  • Loosen feet and work shims out

  • Cause fretting corrosion and destruction to the machine base

Steel shims help adjust and level the feet of a machine base, frame, or sole plate so that all the foot points make contact.

Benefits of using a precut stainless steel shim set?

A set of precut stainless steel shims come in different sizes from very thin, to thick making soft foot corrections easier to perform correctly and precisely.

Benefits of using a stainless steel shim

Stainless steel shims come in multiple sizes and are long-lasting because they are steel. They resist corrosion and are very durable. Quality shims help ensure reliable, precision measurements when aligning machinery.

How can stainless steel shims be used for soft foot correction?

After determining that a soft foot condition does exist, stainless steel shims are used to adjust the feet of a machine. There are four types of soft foot: angular softfoot, parallel softfoot, squishy foot, and external foot.

A way to visualize soft foot is to imagine a four-legged chair with one leg shorter than the others. The short leg causes the chair to wobble. If a machine base rocks, it can cause vibration, which can cause machine misalignment.