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Predictive maintenance tools for vibration analysis can help prevent machine failure and avoid costly production downtime.
Our vibration analysis tools are used for condition monitoring on rotating equipment to help detect early component wear and damage. Vibration analysis and balancing are integral parts of any condition-based and predictive maintenance program.

Vibration Analysis and field balancing FAQ

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What is vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis is essential for making sense of the high information content of vibration data.

How does vibration analysis work?

Vibration analysis measures machine or component movement (vibration). As the piece moves back and forth (vibrates) from one point to the other point repeatedly (cycles), vibration analysis looks at how rapidly (frequency) how far (amplitude), and at what speed (acceleration) the movement occurs.

What is the importance of vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis can help detect a wide variety of fault conditions, including the four most common faults: imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and bearing damage.

What are the benefits of adding vibration analysis tools and field balancing tools to your preventive maintenance strategies?

Vibration analysis tools open the door to predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. PdM uses data collected by wireless remote condition monitoring sensors to analyze equipment condition and helps maintenance professionals predict when maintenance should be performed.