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Discover our PRUFTECHNIK Marine applications

Condition monitoring equipment on board of vessels reduces the risk of sudden machinery failure, prevents unplanned and costly downtime and increases the machine reliability of the ship. Benefit from the PRUFTECHNIK Offshore and Marine experience with numerous applications realized in 70 countries worldwide over the past 40 years.
Main reasons to apply condition monitoring in the marine and offshore industries and why PRUFTECHNIK offers the best solutions:

  • Postponing dry docking while still being compliant with class requirements

  • Early warning of machine degradation but keeping the vessel in operation by controlling the development of damage

  • Perfect integration with the PMS programs required by Class

  • Vibration monitoring techniques allow to pinpoint machine problems at component level to improve the machine reliability

What we do


  • Online and offline condition monitoring systems developed and optimized for maritime applications

  • Marine alignment

  • Oil particle counter

Condition Monitoring


  • ISO, ABS and Lloyds certified service

  • Onsite and remote support by ISO certified engineers with experience in maritime applications

  • Remote monitoring

  • 18 service subsidiaries worldwide



  • Vibration and alignment trainings

  • ISO CAT Trainings

  • Product and software training



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Maintenance of marine equipment: Why monitor, which equipment and how?

PRUFTECHNIK’s systems are used to monitor and optimize the most important machine trains:

  • Generators

  • Diesel generators

  • Steerable thrusters, bow thrusters

  • Cargo pumps and turbines

  • Gas and steam turbines

  • Compressors, fans and other auxiliary equipment

  • Main (diesel) engines

  • Turbochargers

  • Boiler feedwater pumps

  • Oil purifiers

  • Oil pump drives

  • Loading/conveyor technology

  • Marine cranes, gantry cranes and container cranes

In addition to the numerous standard and auxiliary machine trains on board, PRUFTECHNIK focuses its alignment activities on laser-based geometric measurements such as stern tube alignment, bore center measurement and alignment of vessel propulsion components.

Success Story:
PRUFTECHNIK improves reliability on Pioneering Spirit

The video shows how PRUFTECHNIK N.V. enhances the reliability of the Pioneering Spirit, the largest construction vessel ever built and exposes the company’s vision on the future developments in digitalization and remote diagnostic within the field of Condition Monitoring.

Software Demo visualization - Online View 4.0

The ONLINE VIEW 4.0 gives you an overview about the condition of all your monitored assets.
The visualized information gets transferred in Realtime by using Modbus TCP. This enables you to connect every product that is able to use bus protocol.

Lifecycle management with PRUFTECHNIK

Choosing the right lifecycle management technology is significant, but in the end the operators are in charge to make a lifecycle program successful.

Chief engineers, fleet managers, the diagnostic specialists on-board and on-shore need to be able to quickly understand the results of a Condition Monitoring Program and to follow up the conclusions out of those. PRUFTECHNIK unburdens its customers and provides easy to understand results (based on color codes) and follow-up instructions. Connected through a cloud based system entire fleets benefit through high-performance monitoring. This results in higher efficiency, improves the safety on board and support can be provided at any time.

Increase Uptime

Our industry solutions increase asset and plant availability.

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