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Wind-generated electricity is becoming more important as a pillar of the energy transition. Onshore Wind turbines are one of the primary electric power generators nowadays, although offshore wind turbines offer the greatest potential in growth of the energy market. As a long-term partner of the wind industry, PRUFTECHNIK offers GL-certified online vibration monitoring and high-precision alignment systems for corrective actions on the drivetrain or for preparatory measurements before and during the installation of a wind turbine.

Benefit from the PRUFTECHNIK’s experience in the wind industry, with numerous applications realized in 70 countries over the past 40 years.

Facts and Figures

Years Experience in the wind sector
Turbines are monitored by PRUFTECHNIK Monitoring Center
Wind turbines equipped with PRUFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring systems
Laser alignment systems are used by service providers for drivetrain alignment

What we do


Our measurement solutions for wind turbines are used daily around the world to optimize wind park operations and improve machine reliability:

  • Laser alignment of drivetrains

  • Measurement of foundation and tower flange flatness

  • Online and offline systems for vibration-based condition monitoring of generator, gear and main bearing

  • Dynamic balancing of rotor blades

  • Wear particle monitoring in gear lubricating oil



Our Condition Monitoring systems and GL certified Monitoring Center help operators and maintenance companies increase the availability of onshore and offshore parks through:

  • Remote monitoring of the turbine and regular vibration diagnosis service with results as a report or available via the web

  • Mobile diagnosis measurements for the localization of fault causes (vibration condition, sound measurement, etc.)

  • Blades balancing: one- and two-plane field balancing

  • Torque measurements with overload monitoring and the detection of load

  • Condition Assessment: survey, inspection, documentation of turbine conditions

  • Condition Monitoring Partner Concept (CPC): “You measure – We analyze.”



In the maintenance field, training is of increasing importance.
PRUFTECHNIK offers a wide range of product trainings and seminars.

  • Vibration and alignment trainings

  • ISO CAT Trainings and Certifications

  • Product and software training



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Generator alignment is of high importance in a wind turbine

Machine reliability, Service life and degree of efficiency are improved through proper alignment.
Our application video provides an overview of a generator alignment and the associated alignment tasks.

Remote Monitoring of your wind park globally accessible via the internet

The cloud-based Omnitrend Dashboard can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.

Increase Uptime

Our industry solutions increase asset and plant availability.

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