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Our services for measuring, analyzing and reducing vibration
We detect failures early before damage occurs

Machine vibration is unavoidable during operation. But you can use it for process optimization and reduce them in a targeted manner! The PRUFTECHNIK Service Center supports its customers around the world with services for analyzing and minimizing machine vibration.

All PRUFTECHNIK technicians are experts in their fields, have years of experience and have received excellent training (ISO CAT I-IV). Many renowned customers worldwide have already made use of PRUFTECHNIK's vibration measurement and analysis services with positive and effective results.

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We offer alignment, vibration & balancing, ultrasound, and reliability training.

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PRUFTECHNIK Services in Detail

Field and precision balancing

Variable speed machines increase the risk of resonant vibrations. This increases the risk of resonant vibration occurring. The better machine components are balanced, the less possibility of excitation there is for RPM-dependent disturbing vibrations and for natural frequencies.

Balancing measurements are quick and easy to carry out with PRUFTECHNIK test engineering measurement techniques and service personnel. In practice, the housing vibrations are measured using accelerometers, while the RPM and phase information is obtained using a laser optical speed sensor. Should there be particularly stringent requirements, shaft vibrations may also be used for precision balancing.

PRUFTECHNIK Service employees proactively support you and are also happy to provide you with knowledge and skills for balancing your work.

Vibration measurements, diagnostics and acceptance

The regular, internal inspection of routes on machines and systems as well as the continuous recording of vibrations via an online condition monitoring system allow for targeted, effective and above all predictable maintenance (Predictive Maintenance).

Vibration specialists from PRUFTECHNIK take care of the regular recording and the analytical evaluation of vibration data
using manual or online devices. PRUFTECHNIK provides the processed data and advises on interpretation and targeted vibration reduction.

Our specialists also carry out manufacturer-neutral acceptance measurements on the vibration behavior and document the results in a measurement and acceptance report.

Noise and natural vibration analysis

ISO-certified vibration specialists from PRUFTECHNIK carry out noise and natural vibration analyses. The results are compared with the latest technological developments and with the statutory or contractual requirements. If necessary, suitable noise reduction measures are recommended.
In natural vibration analysis, we use impulse hammers or the rotating machine itself to perform the system analysis and determine the desired system parameters.
ODS analyses use a vibration-based video camera.

Shaft vibration and motion analysis

The results of PRUFTECHNIK analyses provide basic information about the movement behavior of machines and plants and in particular of the rotating shafts. This information can be used to identify fault conditions and derive corrective measures, such as alignment targets, which make the machine operation safer and increase their service life.

Among other things, absolute displacements of the machines are measured, such as those caused by thermal growth. Even complex turbine vibrations (oil swirls, oil film swings, etc.) can be detected by our specialists and e.g. be reduced by more geometric precision.

Load and stress measurement


Wear-related stress or shaft fractures often result from the fact that the maximum permissible torques are not matched to one another or that swelling or even changing loads act in certain operating states. The PRUFTECHNIK experts can use torque measurement via strain gauge (DMS) to quickly see how the loads are distributed. Depending on the measurement result, structural or process-related changes must be made.

PRUFTECHNIK takes care of the strain gauge installation directly on-site and advises you on how to treat the symptoms that have occurred. In case of violent breakage, e.g. in the VIBGUARD automatic event monitoring with recordings of the pre- and post-history of critical load quantities.

Temporary Telediagnosis Service (TTS)

A special feature of the TTS solution is that PRUFTECHNIK’s high-end measuring equipment allows for automatic measurements over entire working days and weeks., without having to buy it immediately. Not only vibration data but also other state and process data are recorded, and then multivariate analyses performed with engineering sense. Thanks to the longer measurement, it can be checked how different machine components behave towards each other in different operating conditions. This can be used to derive possible problem areas when starting, coasting down, or switching as well as in hot or cold condition.

Based on the TTS data, we try to detect irregularities and deviations in the respective object and create an individual report for you with application-specific recommendations for action.