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Precision and Power: How RotAlign Boosts Mitsubishi's Turbine Efficiency

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With the help of the Prüftechnik RotAlign from Fluke Reliability, Mitsubishi Power Aero achieves precise turbine alignment to give customers power on demand and to sustain efficiency.


Mitsubishi Power Aero is a leader in manufacturing efficient, flexible, and tailored power generation solutions. The company specializes in aero-derivative gas turbine packages.

The need for precise turbine alignment is critical for the predictability and reliability of customer power operations. To meet reliability goals, the company purchased Prüftechnik RotAlign Touch from Fluke Reliability and saw a boost in turbine start-up time and efficient energy production.

Prüftechnik training and technology have helped Mitsubishi Power Aero FT8® and FT4000® field services teams offer customers the best engineering technical support for their assets. Using laser precision for alignment, the team can optimize energy production during peak hours, reduce outage time cost, and provide peace of mind.



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